03.10.23 - ok so it's been a little over a month but I still managed to get the 2022 article done faster than I did the 2021 article, despite this one being almost twice the length. Not too shabby. That being said, this took a lot out of me and it's frankly not really something I want to dedicate this much of my free time to again when I could be working on the many BIG IDEAS I've been having recently, so I think all future music wrapups are gonna be a lot shorter form than this. Hope you enjoy this one, it's the longest thing I've put on the site so far by a pretty wide margin. I'm not entirely sure what the next post is going to be, but I can promise you something Really Cool... coming soon-ish. Certainly before the summer begins. Cheers!

02.04.23 - CATHERINEZONE v1.1 has now been released. Here are the three things you need to know:

That's all, hope you enjoy the current new stuff, and here's to a 2023 filled with cooler goodies for you all later on down the road as well. Happy surfing and thanks for 10k pageviews!

12.21.22 - back covers of albums are something that is somewhat of a lost art now that a lot of albums don't have them, at least readily available in the digital age. there's a lot of flavor you can add to the album experience with a good back cover. see attached: back cover for bob dylan's bringing it all back home.

12.14.22 - hi im back. sorry about the three-month gap in posting i was terribly busy all semester but now i am free to bother people with this website once again! another observation i had at school was of my neighbor in my dorm. usually when she was walking through the hallways, she would do it as sort of a sprint, similar to the way that i run around in my basement when i'm stimming sometimes. when she noticed me walking in the opposite direction towards her, however, she seemed uncomfortable, walking at a normal pace in a way that she obviously didn't want to. i'm assuming that i didn't do anything to make her uncomfortable around me since we haven't interacted all that much, but it makes me sad that people who stim like myself and her (i'm assuming) don't have a ton of freedom to be themselves in a society that sees them as weird and wrong.

09.14.22 - we watched part of the movie her in class today. people seemed to find it really funny for some reason. during the scene in which theodore and samantha have "sex" for the first time, it was almost impossible to hear the actual movie over everyone laughing so much. and i had no idea why anyone was laughing. it's a bit of a revelation that made me realize most people view this sort of thing, being emotionally attached to someone that isn't a physical presence in your life, that isn't "normal", as weird, wrong, something to be made fun of. i almost cried during that scene, and probably would have if it wasn't for the laughter, which kind of felt like the class was laughing at me for my differences from society, for the impossibility of me finding anyone in person that could understand the way i work, in addition to the normal struggles of finding people that are romantically compatible with you in the first place. being trans, gay, and autistic in a rural setting is difficult, even when you're at college. most of the queer people i know in person still don't really feel like kindred a lot of the time, which i'm assuming is because of my autism and the rich-kidness of a lot of people here. turning online for romantic relationships is something that a lot of people like me do, and it's a strange, strange experience, but one that can still be satisfying in the long run. seeing her reminded me of that a bit, with the inability for its two protagonists to physically contact each other even as they're talking and forming a deep bond being a painfully familiar experience to me. but to everyone else in the room, it was just weird, wrong, and funny.

i hope this doesn't make me sound like an incel or anything like that, i'm not really upset that this is the way that i am romance-wise. in a lot of ways, i think it's actually a good thing. but i'm also acutely aware that it's different from how most people operate, and to see that looked at with scorn in a supposedly "progressive" college classroom made me realize that we still have a long way to go in a lot of ways.

09.05.22 - wow. have not posted anything here in quite a while. stuff has been really hectic for me socially so that's probably why. anyway, will hopefully have another article by the end of the month. what i'm writing about here though, is a webcomic i found, and that you can find here. it's a true story about a boy's experience at a horribly abusive "reformation center", and how it fucked him up afterwards. it's not quite finished yet but it's in the home stretch. this all happened less than an hour from my college campus so it's got me quite spooked. i'm debating whether to go and visit the campus or not, it closed down a decade ago but given how fucked up the place was part of me is paranoid that something horrible will happen to me if i go. america is a fucked up diseased nation and this is just one of many parts of the whole thing. hope you all have been doing well. catch you later

06.25.22 - been a month. still haven't finished it because i'm lazy but i'm close for real now. i am going to spend a lot less time on social media in the future and more time workin on stuff for you because i'm sick of how decentralized everything is. godspeed. death to doomscrolling

05.25.22 - hello all, i am pleased to report that i have returned from the college dimension for the summer. expect more substantial updates at a greater rate through august. i wrote something for one of my finals about the french revolution that i figured i should post here, but i must warn you, it's not that great. expect something a little better soon, and something a lot better less soon. until then, read the story here.

05.08.22 - for all the words hurled at ok computer i think something that hasn't been mentioned much is how profoundly sad this album is. it has got to be one of the most miserable albums to ever broach the public consciousness. and often considered to be one of the best albums ever? music fans are a mopey bunch.

05.01.22 - this page hit 4k page views recently and has somehow gotten up to like 20ish pageviews a day on average even though I haven't posted anything major in a bit. (I will soon!) I must thank y'all for checking out my page but I'm also a little baffled as where you are coming from. Feel free to let me know if you wish to make yourselves known. It means a lot to me that people seem to like this place, and I hope this summer once I get out of college I'll be able to update it with much more interesting things much more frequently.

have a photo from the thing I'm writing rn, it'll be a time

04.13.22 - someone has to make all of the memes people post. where do they come from. one of lifes greatest mysteries

sometimes i post tweets on here too sorry to all those who follow my twitter and are double dipping here

04.01.22 - It is crazy how harry potter is just one of the least inspired, most uninteresting "magic" storylines ever, in addition to all of the really obvious bigotry, and people still care about it this much 15 years after the last book's release. How did we let this happen

BTW - IDK if anyone really checks this website that frequently but it has been a while since I put anything on here so: here is why. I have been doing a lot of really cool stuff and I want to save all of me talking about it for one larger thing about what I've done and how it's nice to be out in the real world again after the last two years or so have kept us all pretty cooped up. And then after I write that I think I will do something new, and hopefully interesting and cool. Until then? unless i come up with something else to put on this page

03.08.22 - i miss the physicality of things a lot sometimes. there's something about having a physical magazine or record with liner notes or whatever else that commands your attention a lot better than the silicon screen does. not much to be done about it though. once i am a billionaire you can email me to subscribe to the paper version of this website and get it straight to your door every month if you so desire

02.21.22 - there is a persistent need to continue to postulate and write about stuff and create things that I have and I wish I could do it more but unfortunately I am here, in college, working on essays I do not enjoy very much, in an effort to carve out a life for myself that will allow me to do all of this. give it three years or so. more transmissions to follow

02.07.22 - discourse around media is so horrific these days. i wish i could just have a discussion about the merits of art or something without getting caught up in the endless waves of nostalgia worship and making sure that liking a piece of art is a morally correct position to have. total bullshit. people need to realize that what we should be doing with this whole cancel culture thing is deplatforming pedos and nazis and other such miscreants instead of endlessly going after each other for some slight minutae that doesn't really matter. the same thing online leftists need to learn as well. granted i watched smiling friends the other day and it kind of felt like alt-lite propaganda at times to me so maybe im part of the problem here

01.31.22 - i wonder if people thought of coffee back when it was first introduced to europe in the 1700s the way we think of marijuana now, or similar. could be normalized pretty soon

01.26.22 - spelling is a completely meaningless concept when you think about it. as long as you're close enough to the "correct" seppleing of a word people will still know waht your'e talking about. forcing people to spell things the right way is stupid as fuck this kind of shit does not matte rman

objectivity is subjective

01.24.22 - politics is interesting because on some level it's about people's desires for what they think is right for the world or the state (in the national sense) or the state (in the american sense). a lot of the time this is kind of obscured by the elitism that comes naturally to these people having power while the average person doesn't, through the capitalist corruption and such that comes with money in politics. democrats talk a lot through a filter of cleanliness and old-guard politico talk that doesn't really exist anymore, whereas republicans are much more direct in their messaging, which is the wants of a bunch of bigots who don't care about anything but themselves. obviously this is not ideal for the real world and them actually having power, but as a story it's kind of interesting to me because everyone is trying to out-"real" the other in terms of Republican competitiveness, but at this point the "real" isn't even real anymore because everyone has distorted it into this ridiculous hyperextension of "fuck you got mine" that feels completely ridiculous. but by politicians doing this on the right it becomes the real thoughts of those who listen to them and decide it's right for them. very interesting to think about

is this thing on

01.15.22 - seeing the internal politics of a band was a really interesting experience for me. went to see a friend and the band he's put together and it was very interesting to see how they worked and talked to each other and such. a sort of people watching except you're also part of the conversation, which was kind of weird but it was overall a cool experience. will keep you post on if their debut ever actually comes out.

rehearshal in the absolute jungle that is this guy's bedroom (my friend is the guy in the back)

01.04.22 - in the future everything will be rankable objectively

12.15.21 - the same thing is happening with video games as well with everything being an open world shooter with not very interesting stories and NFT integration and other bullshit like that. this is maybe even more depressing because games have so much potential to tell interesting and engaging stories due to their interactive nature and it's all wasted due to corporate homogeny. support indie games friends, they're the only ones i play anymore <3

12.09.21 - superhero movies are so cool in concept and you can do so much with them by having them be a kind of "other" element added to human society that shines a light on how our own society operates. instead people are just using them for big shooty action movies with shitty one liners and glorification of the us military and it really pisses me off. hoping that later seasons of invincible further address this problem. the first season kind of does but it's mostly just surface-level stuff and they def could go a lot deeper. then again it's being made by amazon so lol

12.04.21 - listening to a lot of xiu xiu and feeling very sad about it. very good band for if you want avant-garde weirdness that's still fairly accessible and has a bit of a pop sensibility, and also if you are very, very sad. More of the first than the second for me at the moment but I can appreciate music thats this miserable as well. Probably gonna write something about fabulous muscles soon-ish as well, one of my absolute favorite albums

i've also been listening a lot of black country new road recently. i guess im just in the mood for weird pop-esque stuff that is loud and emotional. so it goes

also jamie stewart is a badass and one of the best frontmen in general. if you can pull off this fit you can do anything

possibly the whitest looking band ever but they make me cry so who cares

11.30.21 -

1k views! Granted, I think a lot of these (possibly even most) are me from when I was making the site and checking things out, but still, thanks to everyone who's looking at stuff so far. As I make more things here I think the site is going to end up looking a lot spiffier than it does now. We shall see, I suppose.

11.24.21 - i actually got the nerve to post this everywhere. content begins now and continues whenever i feel like continuing it. the plan is that eventually this place will be a sprawling megalith of years of my stupid bullshit. enjoy it while you can

11.09.21 - HALLELUJAH! I have finally finished the first draft of this website! It's probably not the best looking website ever but I think it's pretty nifty just to have somewhere I can dump stuff. It'll be a lot cooler once I start putting more stuff on here as well, which I plan on doing very soon because I have a lot of ideas :) Hope you guys enjoy what you see here!

11.03.21 - i think the byrds cover of mr tambourine man is one of the shittiest things ever, maybe the first cover that ever truly ruined the original song. the dylan version is so nice and melancholy and then the byrds just ruined it with jangly bullshit and happy times. plus it probably led to morrissey so fuck this shit

look at these shit heads also. fucking dicks

10.31.21 - rewatching over the garden wall in celebration of halloween. i think a good idea for a blog post here would be to look through every episode of adventure time since ive been meaning to do that for forever. gotta rewatch all those old toons from my youth you know (adventure time regular show and gravity falls. maybe try to watch steven universe too but i never saw that when i was a kid)

full of little precious moments, this show is

10.30.21 - back on stage crew for the first time in two years. forgot how much fun it is to get immersed in a story like that, even when you're not directly acting in it. getting the creative juices flowing. funny how stories about nothing are often some of the most affecting

10.29.21 - im making a website today to put all the stuff i wanna make together. im not sure if this is a good idea or not. its not very good but it gets the job done i think hopefully

i am going to use this page to post little updates and thoughts and such

one such example - back in the good old days of rockingroll, people used to make movies about albums, pink floyd - the wall and tommy and quadrophenia by the who and that sort of thing. these are all extremely pompous and blown out affairs based on narrative albums, but i wonder if you could do this same sort of thing today in maybe a more surrealist style, with a non-narrative album. the best example of an album i think this would work with is sonic youth's "washing machine", which has a very surreal atmosphere to it thats kinda hard to describe if you havent heard the album. im not sure what the movie would be about, but it could be cool maybe

album cover for reference